Origins (2017)

Released on August 25, 2017, Origins is the first album I released as Ronin.FM and my sixth album overall. In the years immediately proceeding this, I was more interested in producing for singers than being a solo artist. I wasn't even listening to hip-hop at the time and Bjork was the most played artist in my iTunes library. Due to some unpleasant experiences in 2016 though (such as financial stress, employment uncertainty, the 2016 election, and a breakup), I eventually decided to start rapping again and to make as experimental an album as I possibly could. Origins was the result of all this. I started working on it during my last semester in NYU's music technology program and used everything that I had learned throughout grad school on it. This included custom sound synthesis, Max/ MSP programing, modern classical influences (from a Music History class lol), and newly learned mixing techniques such as dynamic equalization and parallel compression. All of the lyrics that I wrote covered serious personal, social, and political topics and there were multiple instances where I altered the cadence and delivery to reflect the message of the song. Because of this, this album has a very different sound to it that is hard for most people to describe or classify. Even I need to be in the right mood to listen to it straight though since it isn't exactly easy listening. Despite this (and some mixing issues that I've noticed in the subsequent years), I am still very proud of this release. It is without a doubt the most complicated musical undertaking I've ever tackled and much of this is described in further detail in my blog.

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