Ronin.FM is an emcee and producer who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. His music combines elements of hip-hop, electronica, rock, jazz, and classical to create genre-bending compositions that come across as atmospheric, melodic, chaotic, and everything in between. These sounds serve as a backdrop to lyrics that tackle a range of social issues such as education, capitalism, and fear mongering. His first album, Origins, was released on August 25, 2017 and his sophomore album is due sometime in late 2018 or early 2019.


Prior to Origins, Ronin started making music in 2009 as Ry-Man while studying at Stanford University. His first three albums, 2011's Fundamentalism, 2012's Objectivism, and 2013's The Bigger Picture, were major learning experiences that developed his skills at music production, song writing, recording, mixing, and performing. The Bigger Picture in particular was a significant accomplishment that went on to be accepted onto Pandora Radio and featured on the 2013 Stanford Soundtrack. This was followed immediately by R2K, a collaborative instrumental album with violinist Kai Kight. The hip-hop/ classical fusion that is found on this album was well received within the Stanford community and played a significant role in Ronin winning a 2013 Stanford Black Community Arts Award.

After graduating from Stanford, Ronin enrolled in the Music Technology Masters program at New York University to further develop his skills at music production, recording, and mixing. During this time period, he also started experimenting with electronic music, which eventually resulted in the 2015 drum n bass release, Out of the Blue, as Nonsequitor. He never completely abandoned hip-hop, however, and work began on Origins during the spring of 2016. This album would go on to incorporate all of the styles that he experimented with in his previous releases, resulting in his most ambitious and original sounding release to date. This album also proves to be a major step forward for Ronin as a songwriter, with every song tackling much larger and complex themes than the personal themes from his older releases. 

Outside of the studio, Ronin is an avid rock climber who's been climbing for more than 20 years and an acoustician who works on perfecting acoustics in venues throughout the country. 

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